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Who Comes to Capilano?

Three kinds of Students at Capilano Truck Driver Training….

  1. Basic Driver
  2. Worker
  3. Professional Driver

1. The Basic Driver

The Basic driver has a class 5, and needs to upgrade his/her license to get a better job.

Ask about Tractor Trailer, Class 1

Ask about Bus training, Class 2

Ask about Truck training, Class 3

Class 5 Drivers can drive trucks with a single drive axle and/or with a trailer with electric brakes.  Ocassionally the allowable weights can approach 25000 kg, on a class 5.

2. The Worker

The Worker needs a Class One or Three to advance in his/her career, or just to haul equipment at work. Sometimes it is as simple as taking an air brake endorsement course to drive a bigger vehicle at work.

3. The Professional Driver

The Professional Driver needs to take a step up, whether it is a driver evaluation or a training session to drive Turnpike Doubles. Most professional drivers need to upgrade their knowledge in compliance issues like log books or cargo securement. Some need to learn how to teach others about truck driving.

We provide training in all these areas.

Office Staff too

We also help office staff in upgrading their knowledge in trucking  or transportation affairs. We will counsel students changing careers  on the merits of truck driving and the transportation industry.

Who is an “Unintentional” Trucker?

One of our favorite areas is “the unintentional trucker”. Many workers are unaware the vehicle they drive comes with the responsibilities usually associated with Truck Driver.

Plumbers, carpenters, welders, roofers, general contractors, oilfield service. They are busy making a dollar and advancing in their chosen profession little realizing they are participating in our profession.

As their business grows and expands, the worker needs a larger vehicle to carry the tools of his trade, or he is carrying his tools and goods to other areas of the country than his own province.

Then the Cops Pull You Over!

It isn’t until the Commercial Motor Vehicle enforcement officer pulls him/her over because of an over weight truck , or his/her vehicle looks like something has broken, that they find out they needs a log book and extra documentation to travel in other areas of the country.

Is It Worth the Trouble to Get Trained?

Generally the “Unintentional” Trucker thinks of proper truck training as totally non productive and irrelevant to working and making money.

That’s one perspective.

However, if there are rules to be abided, then non-compliance is going to be non productive.  You’re stuck on the side of the road being inspected, stuck with a big fine, maybe even demerits which can affect your insurance premiums.  And when you consider how much money is going down the drain every minute you sit on the side of the road, the cost of not getting trained is very expensive indeed…

Often more expensive than the cost of getting trained in the first place!


Let Capilano aid in bringing the driver or internal company official up to speed. then everybody can move forward and avoid the issues of enforcement.



5 Responses to Who Comes to Capilano?

  1. I am in need of picker training…I have my class 3Q and my company wants me to get my picker certification…Do you offer it or know where in the Red Deer area I could get this training.

  2. Hi I’m emailing you from Prince Edward Island, about your class 2 license course on how much does it cost and how long does it take.I stayed in Edmonton for about 9 months back in 2007 for work so I had an Alberta license but I moved back to P.E.I. so now I have a P.E.I. license,so would I have to get my Alberta license back before I can take the coarse.My goal is to try and get on with Diversified Transportation but I need a class 2 license,they said they would train someone with previous on the job driving experience, but I don’t have that,so I was thinking that if I take the class 2 coarse that you offer that it would help me get a foot in the door at Diversified Transportation if I have my class 2 license after I take your coarse,another question is how often do you offer the class 2 coarse is it once a month ??

  3. Sir,
    I am a Filipino and presently working in a trucking firm as a tractor trailer driver here in the Philippines. I am looking for a possible job in Canada but I am doubtful because such country has and requires a high standards in truck and trailer driving. Can you help with this aspects. I wish to enroll in your institution but no idea where to start as to how would it cost, how long will it takes, the papers needed considering that it requires a visa to enter to your country and the accommodation during the course. Have you encountered an incident like this before? After finishing the course are you also helping your graduates in finding a job? I need this because I want to join the long haul cross country jobs in your country. Please send me full information about the trailer driving course and some help on the acommodation please.

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