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Edmonton - (780) 463-9664
Red Deer - (403) 347-0544

Phones augmented , call 780-463-9664, or 587-930-9360

Sorry Folks, our main line has been augmented with an additional number. 780-463-9664 works well, or you can also reach us at 587-930-9360, we are installing a new system. Please be patient and connect with us at 780-465-4635, or 780-465-1954 also. These are all numbers to individual desks. Try one, or call us on our cell phones if you have that information and we can serve you from wherever we are. Even Rose in Red Deer will try to help you at 403-347-0544. Our internet is working fine, you can email us as well.  Info@CapilanoTruckTraining.com.

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