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OPEN in the Red Deer Area

Finally!! we are open in Sylvan Lake, a 10 minute drive west of Red Deer for service to Central Alberta. Turn South at the Traffic Circle at Hwy 11A and Hwy 20, then turn left at Tim Hortons, and follow the road to the left along the northside of HSE in Sylvan Lake. At the…Continue Reading

What is Schedule 1 for?

I got a ticket the other day for not producing “Schedule 1.” The officer said something about a checklist for checking out the truck. I thought that’s what the Pre trip form is for! He asked if I had been trained for pre trip at work. I said I knew all that from when I…Continue Reading

What size is your Truck?

Ask a driver how tall his truck is. The answer it seems is “short enough to go under all the overpasses and through the tunnels.” So, “how do you know if the clearance is too low?” “The truck stops.” The other half of this equation of weights and dimensions is that many of us truck…Continue Reading

Trucking by mistake

Some people make the mistake of buying a truck for commercial purposes that is so big they must perform the functions of a truck driver even if it is not their profession. Log books, pre trip inspection, cargo securement, too much weight. It doesn’t take much of a truck to qualify for this attention from…Continue Reading