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Log Books for Drivers and Administrators

This course covers regulations governing driving time, the use of Log Books and how to complete them.

You’ll learn about Canadian/US rules, oilfield exemptions, border crossing and some of the paperwork associated with trucking.

This course is for both drivers and administrators who need to know about hours of service, how to use and collect transportation documents, and the specifics of provincial and federal laws.  You’ll learn the essentials for:

– proper use and production of Hours of Service documentation
– correct paperwork for pre-trip inspections
– keeping in-truck documents current in case a DOT officer stops you
– keeping all paperwork in tip-top shape in case you ever get audited!

Your training will also prepare you for interaction with transport officials at the weigh scale or roadside inspection.

Coupled with Cargo Securement and Weight and Dimension training, you’ll be prepared in case officers or officials ever challenge you.

Also covered is Fatigue Management to equip you the tools and knowledge necessary to operate in a safe environment and within existing laws.

Cost: $175 in Edmonton    
Duration: 6 hours

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