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Earn Your Class 1 “Big Rig” License

The Best Class 1 Training In Alberta

“Money well spent and a real education, not just driver training. What really paid off was the acceptance from employers. When I told them I trained at Capilano it was almost like I was given preferential treatment.” – Travis

Class 1 training, leading to a Class 1 license, can help you get a new or enhanced career.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Class 1 truck driving is reserved for those that can back up a trailer. Short trailers are harder than long trailers.

If you can back up the boat to the lake, or back a holiday trailer into a camping spot, you can probably handle Class 1 driving with little problem, unless you really have a hard time with an unsynchronised transmission like a 13 speed or and 18 speed.

If you think you can handle these two huge talents, then getting your class 1 should be easy.

License Requirements for Alberta

Make sure you have:

  • a class 5 or higher license (no GDL)
  • a driver’s medical from your doctor or clinic, unless you already have a class 2 or 4
  • pass the written examination at any registry, including Bus questions
  • complete Air Brake endorsement, (one day)
  • and purchase a Road test permit with a Provincial Examiner.

Best Class 1 Training in Alberta

Training from a recognized Driver Training facility, like Capilano Truck Driver Training Institute, will help guide you through the whole process.

You will get coaching and practice:

  • coupling
  • pre trip inspection
  • air brake practical
  • backing skill
  • on-road skill
  • hill parking knowledge.

…all of these are components of the Provincial Road Test – an exam that takes about 1.5 hours.

How Long Does Class 1 Training Take?

To accomplish all of this training in a week of 2 hour classes is unlikely.  Usually it takes up to 30 hours and 3 weeks to accomplish.

What Does Class 1 Training Include & What Does It Cost?

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Road Test Preparation (for those with experience)
10 hours – In Truck Training
12 hours – Air Brake Classroom
Short Program (for those with some experience)
16 hours – In Truck Training
12 hours – Air Brake Classroom
Intermediate Program (for those with little experience)
20 hours – In Truck Training
12 hours – Air Brake Classroom
Long Program (for those with no prior training)
30 hours – In Truck Training
12 hours – Air Brake Classroom
Extended Program (for those who want the full training)
30 hours – In Truck Training
12 hours – Air Brake Classroom
35 hours – On the job training
8 hours – Cargo Secure / Mass & Size
8 hours – PDIC
6 hours – HOS
4 hours – TDG
4 hours – WHMIS
Highway Extended (OJT)
35 hours  $2,800

When Are Classes?

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Most classes are scheduled 2-3 weeks in advance, so call today!

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