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Air Brakes

A Provincial mandatory course for operating vehicles equipped with air brakes, regardless of the class of license the driver possesses.

Students learn to inspect and adjust air brake components and understand the operations of an air brake system.

This class is 12 hours in length, including a 2 hour, hands-on practical.

Upon passing the practical portion of the Air Brake Endorsement, you will receive an Alberta Government Notice of Air Brake Program Completion. You will take that certificate and go to any Alberta Registry and complete the written portion of the course. Upon passing that, your endorsement will be applied to your current drivers license. All Air Brake Courses need to be pre-paid.

Cost: $250.00 in Edmonton     
Duration: 12 hours (8am-8pm) Every Wednesday or Saturday

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Alberta License to take the Air Brake course?
No, technically you don’t. But the Registry will not apply the Air Brake Endorsement to your driver’s license until it is an Alberta License.

Is the Air Brake the same as a Q Endorsement?

Can I take the Air Brake Endorsement with a GDL?

Is the Air Brake Endorsement the same as RV Air Brakes?
Yes, Air Brake is the same for all vehicles.

Can I book Air Brakes over the phone?
Yes, all we need is a credit card number, or you need to come in and pay for your spot at least 2 days before the date of the course. All Air Brake Courses need to be pre-paid.

Can I take Air Brakes before I start truck training?

Can I challenge the Air Brake written portion at the Registry?
No, you have to take the Provincial mandatory course.

What if I’m unsuccessful in passing the course?
You will be asked to come back the next day for one more attempt with an instructor. If you are unsuccessful a second time, you will be asked to re-take the course.

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