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The Trucking Laboratory

Get Hands-on Experience With Trucking Equipment

Seeing the underside of a trailer for the first time should happen in a warm, safe, comfortable environment. Not on the side of the Highway 2 in subzero weather, with drivers screaming by at 135 km/h.

That’s why we’ve created “The Trucking Laboratory” – Edmonton’s only permanent learning display for real-world trucking hardware.


On a field trip through the lab, students will get hands-on experience with much of the hardware they’ll face after graduation.

We’ve sliced open many common pieces of equipment so students can see what’s going on inside, including cutaways of:

  • transmission
  • clutch
  • fifth wheel
  • brakes

Also in the lab is a full-sized trailer with real loads in-place.  This is a powerful tool for students to learn how to secure many different kinds of loads.

airbrakespracticalinshop Students can also learn:

  • trailer inspection
  • procedures to hook up a trailer (“coupling”)
  • how to properly put chains on tires


There’s nothing quite The Trucking Laboratory because there’s nothing quite like the real thing.  It’s the only choice for practical learning and testing.

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