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Our Classrooms

Comfortable Place to Learn

Our classrooms are fitted with everything students need to comfortably enjoy learning:

  • Overhead projectors, whitescreens, and flat-screen TVs provide crisp visuals, easily viewable even from the back row.
  • Bright lighting overhead makes it easy for students to see their learning materials and safely move through the room.
  • Manuals are provided along with complimentary pens, perfect for note-taking.
  • Comfortable seats welcome all students, making it easy to stay focused on learning.
  • Both rooms climate controlled, indepdendent of each other.  We keep it just the right temperature so you aren’t falling asleep (too warm) or distracted by cold hands (too cold).

Capilano - Air Brakes Classroom

Capilano - Classroom 2

Easy-to-Understand Air Brakes Boards

Our complete Air Brake boards give students a quick and easy way to understand the mechanics of Air Brakes.

Instead of struggling to learn on a truck where certain elements are hidden, students get an exposed view of an Air Brakes system in plain view.

Equipment Exhibit Gives You Hands-on Learning

Seeing the underside of a trailer for the first time should happen in a warm, safe, comfortable environment.  Not on the side of the Highway 2 in subzero weather, with drivers screaming by at 135 km/h.

That’s why we’ve created our Equipment Exhibit.  Students can take a “field trip” through and touch, hold, feel, see many of the most common pieces of trucking equipment.

Our Equipment Exhibit also gives us the ideal setting to take students through practical learning and testing.  Because there’s nothing quite like the real thing...




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